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[sticky post] Hi!

I'm Serena. Welcome to my world.
If you need me, feel free to contact me here!

Great news!

I got an A on my Jedi midterm!

Go me!

Now I can enjoy Spring Break with a clear mind.

Going to go back and spend time with my family and the other senshi.. and of course I have some romantic plans with Darien!

Ah.. no work for days!!


I'm late for class.. oh noo... I overslept...

I'm in sooo much trouble!!!

Happy Holidays

Home for the holidays!

I really love going to an American school like Weirdbard Academy. We get more time off then back in Japan. Eat your heart out, Rei-Chan!

I had a great Christmas. Muffin bought me a necklace and bouqet of roses and then we went out for dinner. He even came over for Christmas too! Mom loves him, so yay!

Mina is going to throw a New Years party before I go back to school. I can't wait!!

Alli is just a teeny bit mad at me.

There was this fight..

And I kind of dropped her car on a Doom Bot.

I think she's plotting revenge..

WBA: Oh my gosh!!

I totally forgot about this!

How could I be so stupid?

I've been sooo busy lately at school, I guess I totally forgot! Oh man, I'm such a ditz.

I really shouldn't be updating now, but it's my free period, and I'm soo tired from my Jedi class this morning, that working on my Preternatural report on Succubi is just not going to happen. I'd rather be here in the student union drinking a milk shake and surf aimlessly.

Hey look, that's just what I'm doing!

Master Skywalker and Master Windu are slave drivers. Luna is less rough on us scouts then they are on us trainees! (Although it was really funny when Master Skywalker tried to correct one of Xena's mistakes. She gave him a look that'd even make Rei hide!)

Ooh, gotta go, I see Duo coming in, and I need to hide before he tries hitting on me again. He won't take no for answer!

Maybe I should go ahead and let Tara handle him..

WBA: Bored bored bored!

I spent an hour talking to Darien this afternoon...
I miss him!!
We talked about his classes, my classes, and my roommates.

We talked about other things too, but I'm not telling! ^_^

I did my homework (ugh, I HATE science.) and then I went to do some extra work on my mech!
*sigh* Duo hit on me again. I was hoping he'd be over it this year, but he seems to have gotten worse!

Tara threatened to "shove his head up his ass" if he didn't go away when she was trying to talk to me.

I should be asleep, but I'm too hyper. Buffy brought home a HUGE bag of gummi bears and oreos from when she and Xander were in town.


I guess I'll try to sleep. I have to be up early for Jedi training!


I finally got me one of these, after Alli and Tiana have been hounding me all summer through email & phone.

Not a whole lot to say right now except I should be in bed but the pink spore kicked me out of the bed and when I fell, I woke up.

So I grabbed my laptop and headed for the kitchen for some milk & cookies!


I'm leaving for school this week, um.. Tuesday I think. I soo can't wait! It's such a blast at the academy!

I can't wait for more mech classes and Jedi stuff! It's going to be wicked cool.

And I hear mom coming down the stairs. whu-oh. Gotta go!!

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